Financial Performance Management

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What is Financial Performance Management?

Financial Performance Management is the deployment of ‘fit for purpose’ technology that frees your business from the constraints of Excel and previous-generation planning processes. It’s an ongoing cycle of monitoring, analysing and revising financial forecasts and budgets to remain strategically on-track.

With Financial Performance Management, all users (not just finance!) gain access to plans, budgets and forecasts, meaning they can do their own what-if scenario modelling and profitability analysis. This collaborative approach enables all areas of your business to contribute to a business-wide plan.

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icon Monitor, analyse and revise budgets
icon Create a collaborative business plan

How can Financial Performance Management help your business?

Financial Performance Management reduces the risks associated with Excel-based budgeting, forecasting and planning processes. It centralises the planning process, enabling your business to plan from the top down, or bottom up, and to consider what-if scenarios throughout the process.

Financial Performance Management increases efficiency, helps you move to a rolling forecast approach and makes it easier for you to embrace a driver-based planning process. It also provides greater insight into financial performance and variance analysis.

Why should you choose Bistech for Financial Performance Management?

Our team of Certified Accountants specialise in building and deploying Financial Performance Management solutions. We go beyond basic automation to drive collaboration and decision-making throughout your planning process.

All our team have strong business acumen. We understand how to apply Financial Performance Management technologies to address any of your budgeting, forecasting and planning problems. We’ve successfully embedded our proven FPM Headstart solution in numerous businesses similar to yours.

icon Beyond basic automation
icon Certified Accountants
icon Address any of your financial problems


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