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What is Data Management?

Nothing in your business is as valuable as your data. It’s the engine of your business and like any asset has the necessity to be well managed.

Data Management provides the foundation for managing business information as a highly valuable resource. It encapsulates the organisation and transformation of business data, processes and rules with adequate governance. Additionally, it supports the collation of data to drive Data Analytics and Data Science.

Data Management has evolved from ‘data warehouses’ to adopting modern approaches to data storage and processing , incorporating Data Lakes, Streaming (real time), Social Media (unstructured), Data Hubs (data management metadata), Internet of Things, and Big Data (large data sets).

icon Data is the high value engine of your business
icon Control your business data, processes and rules
icon Includes Data Lakes, Streaming, Social Media and more

How can Data Management help your business?

Data is an important business asset. It enables you to make informed decisions faster, to harness opportunities and to identify critical inefficiencies in processes.

Our Big Data Consulting Services identify the ideal data management solution for your business. A solution that will help you to effectively manage costs, grow revenues and automate business processes. A solution that will allow you to comply with growing compliance regulations. And, a solution that lays the foundation for Data Analytics insights.

Why should you choose Bistech for Data Management?

We’ve delivered hundreds of Data Management solutions across diverse industries for 20 years. These industries include retail, mining, manufacturing, hospitality, health, science and technology and banking. Our application of the most current Data Management methods to build modern data analytics solutions will deliver tangible value for your business.

Your Data Management architecture will be custom-designed for your business focus and goals. Our Big Data Consulting Services take an agile approach to Data Management, delivering pilot / proof of concept projects that scale out to enterprise-wide solutions.

icon Big Data Consulting Services
icon Experience across diverse industries for 20 years
icon Custom-designed architecture


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